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Fortification is something of a lost art, but it was up until recent history, a critical military capability.

— Megacities are already built like empires, with prosperous cores, pockets of discontent, semi-feudal fringes, and garrisons dispersed throughout.

Reading this Zen Pundit piece, I’m tempted to contrast the deterioriting conditions in King’s Landing with Bane’s Gotham and civil war Aleppo. (Of course, there might be other forces drawing me to those parallels.)

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Let us pray for divine wisdom as our leaders consider the necessary actions for national security – wisdom of the grace of God that as we act, we not become the evil we deplore.

Rev. Nathan Baxter, September 13, 2001
» The Fourth War: My Lunch with a Jihadi
The folks at Abu Ghraib not only failed to provide any intel of value, they turned the entire Sunni population against us. Meanwhile, we were getting actionable intel by giving detainees Skittles and a cup of coffee.

Kyle Teamey, the S2X (senior human intelligence officer) for 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, in Ramadi